Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Rambling

Ramblings for the day:

Vintage Suitcase-
A while back I re-lined a vintage suitcase that was my husband's grandmother's, but never posted pics of it.
 my sweet baby at one month in the suitcase

it is amazing how fast they grow in 4 months (taken this evening)

A close up (sorry it is not rotated) 

 another close up

I tore out the original lining (it was in not great shape). After that I sprinkled baking powder all over the inside and spritzed it with a deodorizing spray... it took about three days and two treatments to get the 'old' smell out.  I used the old liner as a pattern and traced it onto some fusible interfacing. Then I ironed on the interfacing to the fabric and cut out the fabric (leaving an extra quarter inch around the perimeter). I then hemmed down the extra fabric buy folding it back around the interfacing. For the ties I used some bias tape. Then I put it back together piece by piece with a thousand hot glue sticks (it seemed to hold the best and still is working great)

Potty Training-
We had tried on and off since she was two to get Emma (now almost 3) to use the potty. Anyone that has meet Emma knows that she is very strong-willed, bright, and spirited. We always knew that it was going to have to be her decision to be potty trained, because it is not in her nature to do otherwise. Sure enough two Fridays ago she told me she wanted to go diaper free. I literally begged her to "please don't pee on the floor" to which she said "I can't go on the carpet mommy it is not a potty". She also told me "don't worry mommy" and pats me for reassurance. 

She was serious... it has been over two weeks and she has had only one accident at home. I am still too scared to take her out without a pull-up, but I'll have to get over that soon. This is what our bathroom looks like all the time now.  Emma likes to grab the end of the toilet paper and bring it to me in the living room and says "wipe me". The paper in the background is on a sticky hook and is what she can put her stickers on after she goes. Originally I had a beautiful paper with a ruler drawn chart, but Emma didn't like the stickers so organized. She wanted the dogs and cats to play and will give them the bones and toys to eat and play with. The biggest problem now is knowing that she goes, because she will take herself and not tell me.

I know I am not the only one that dreams of what their dream house would look like, I hope I am not the only one. I am sure that people usually think in broad terms 'big kitchens', 'high ceilings'... not me I dream of tile! I love tile... it makes me giddy. The first things I think of in a dream home are tile backslashes in the kitchen, tile around the fireplace, and bathrooms covered in tile.

These are all ann sacks tile mosaics and are drop dead gorgeous. Seriously how can someone's heart not start racing when you see the penny rounds. ::sigh:: Perhaps someday. I also dream of  millwork, but I'll save that for another time.

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