Sunday, August 19, 2012

productive weekend

I have had quite the productive weekend.

We had 2 blank canvases in the playroom that had been bothering me. I knew it had to be something Disney for Emma. I remember something like this on pintrest that someone did with a heart, I think, so I used the concept as inspiration. I used painter's tape too help make the stripes and Emma helped me paint the red. Then I drew and cut out Mickey from black felt. Next I glued the felt on the canvas and covered/glued it with black buttons. To make the name I made a stencil with contact paper then stuck it to the canvas and painted. The best part is I can use it as decoration for Emma's birthday party! Now I need to make the other canvas into Minnie.

I spent most the day on Saturday cleaning/fixing the master bathroom. Let's just say that the previous homeowner's strengths do NOT include attention to detail or being handy. I finally got around to removing the old cracked caulk in the WHOLE bathroom and then caulked it all. The previous homeowners had placed a plastic L stripping around the back of the tub, I had been terrified that it was covering chipped tiles. Nope! Only thing behind it was tons of putty and cracked caulk, Putty was the answer to all fixes indoor and out with the old owners.

I also organized the bathroom and laundry cabinets. So pretty and so clean. The baskets with the handles are my favorite baskets ever (I have them in the girl's bathroom too). I also made some shower cleaner to keep in my shower with my squeegee (hope it works).

I also finished designing some super cute baby shower invitations for a good friend. I want it to be a surprise so I will post it after they get mailed out.

-13 lbs to go!
-We have Emma a bed frame waiting to get refinished

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  1. How's your shower cleaner working out? I'd love to try it, but I've seen a lot of recipes that recommend heating the vinegar first. Do you feel like that would be necessary?