Saturday, August 4, 2012

4 months old

My plan was to keep this blog focused on things I make/design, however I can't help myself. After seeing everyone post such cute things about their babies, I want to join in on the fun. I am totally stealing the format from a friends blog, I hope she doesn't mind.

Lilian turns 4 months old! 

She nurses whenever she wants. Typically she eats for only about 3-5 minutes at a time as soon as she wakes up and before she sleeps. I would guess she nurses around 10 times a day and once or twice at night. We currently have no plans to give any her any food until 6 months. We are going to put an ounce or so of water in her sippy straw cup to play with while she sits in her highchair during dinner time. It will probably take her a couple months to really figure it out, but it'll be fun watching her try to learn.

Lilian usually goes to bed around 10 pm. I am a little fuzzy on what happens after that. She sleeps with us every night so I am not sure exactly when or how often she wakes. When shes hungry I feed her before she fully wakes and she will drift back to sleep after just a minute of nursing. If the house is quiet she will sleep in till 10, however most days her sister has woken her up by 8.
This is how she has slept since we brought her home from the hospital.

I just finished bagging up her newborn, 0-3, and some small running 3-6 month clothes. She is currently wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes and a few 9 month clothes that run small. Lilian is also in cloth diapers so that adds a little extra fluff too. She is now on the medium snap rise on her diapers!

Weight: 15lbs 14.8oz (93%)
Height: 25.5inches (90%)

She adores being worn in the Ergo. She loves jumping around in the jumperoo. Lilian thinks Emma is the best thing ever. She loves grabbing everything within reach... especially hair! Her absolute favorite thing is naked time, whether on a mat or in her bath.

She doesn't like to wait, but who does. She gets mad if she drops or can't reach a toy that she threw. She does not like teething... it is so sad.

Some days she has her first tooth and then other days it is so swollen you can't see it anymore. She has started to learn how to sit and can do pretty well on her own using her hands as props. She took her first ride in her stroller this month and loooooved it.

-16 lbs to go!
-Dining room light fixture fixed
-Purging of stuff from the house in progress

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  1. I can't believe she can already sit up. She's very strong and healthy and beautiful. We love her! You are losing weight very quickly and you really looked so good when I saw you the other day. You have a beautiful family.