Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Parenting Resources

As a parent there are so many websites that I find very helpful. Hopefully someone else might find them helpful too.

kellymom: the ultimate resource for all things breastfeeding related. The website helped me tremendously when struggling to nurse my first daughter Emma.
La Leche League: the answer page on the LLL website is filled with fabulous information too.
World Health Organization: The WHO uses the updated growth chart that is representative of healthy breastfed babies throughout the world versus previous versions that were based upon the growth of artificially fed babies.
LactMed: Do you want to know if your medication is safe to take while breastfeeding? 
What we do: We breastfeed. How long will depend on the baby. Emma nursed till 21ish months, so I assume Lilian might be similar.

Solid Foods:
kellymom:I am telling you this is the best site. It has great info on introducing solids to a breastfed baby.
Wholesome Baby: Great info on feeding your baby. They have some good nutritional info and some great baby led weaning info. They also have an awesome quick age/food chart.
*When little ones start eating food many will start getting diaper rashes and it almost always seems that citrus is the culprit. This website says it well:
Citrus or Acidic Fruits
Not an allergen but may cause rash & digestive upset due to acidity.  
Using a dash of lemon or pineapple juice in a whole fruit puree 
is NOT the same as giving a baby pureed or sliced oranges, 
Just because a fruit, like tomato, is not in the citrus
 family does not mean that it is not acidic.
(My oldest couldn't eat tomatoes or citrus fruits till  she was 18 months)
What we do: With Emma we bought one of each fruit and veggie puree and used those one at a time (one a week) to test for allergies. After that she just at table foods as she wanted. I didn't realize until recently we kinda followed a baby led weaning system. This time we will probably just skip the purees. Now that I eat healthier we usual have plenty for fresh fruits and veggies around.

Dr. Sears: Can't really talk about vaccines without his name coming up. Great article about Aluminum in vaccines. This is a GREAT page on the understanding of each vaccine.
VICP: When I first learned the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program even existed I was in disbelief. There is money set aside to give to families whose children have been harmed by vaccines. And here is even a nice chart they provide telling you the injury the vaccines may cause (anytime they say 'Encephalopathy' they mean brain disorder).
What we do: We do a selective/delayed schedule with our daughters. I do feel that vaccines are important, but there is not a good understanding of their long term side effects, so why risk it. We have chosen to do one shot at a time starting at 2 months. We choose which shot to give based on what is most beneficial at that time. Emma was born in the winter so her first shot was for Pneumococcal. While Lilian, having been born during a Pertussis outbreak received DTaP first. Every month we go to the doctor, I tell her what we want Lilian to get an she gets it... easy peasy.The government doesn't care about your child, they care about the masses.

KellyMom: Great info on co-sleeping and its benefits
Dr.Sears: He provides great research and how-tos on co sleeping
BabyCenter: How much sleep does your baby need? Babies (most) tend to follow this naturally, at least mine have so far.
Babywise: if you are considering Babywise or another similar method I would encourage you to checkout this website and read a few articles under the 'primary concerns' tab.
What we do: Seems a little obvious from all the above links posted, but we co-sleep (we go hardcore- bed-rail and everything). We we will let baby Lilian sleep with us until she is ready for her crib. We did the same thing for Emma and she is a fabulous sleeper. We never made going to bed a big deal so it never was.
Spitting up: again kellymom helped me realize that my happy spitter was just fine. I just do a lot of laundry. This link also explains how rice cereal will not effectively thicken breastmilk due to the amylase (an enzyme that digests carbohydrates).
Products for baby: this cosmetic database will tell you what rating your baby wash has and why. Great resource!
Attachment parenting: Until recently I didn't even know this term existed. I find that it is the way we naturally go about raising our daughters.
Milestones: I do enjoy looking through the Milestone charts on babycenter. It is always fun to get to cross things off.

Apparently there are a bunch of websites that I like. I hope someone finds at least one of them informative. I am excited to have some of my favorite sites all in one place for quick reference.

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