Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Oh man, I love a long weekend. Minus the sinus infection, this weekend was wonderful. I got to see Adam for more than a few minutes, since he took his test on Friday and wont start studying for a few more days. I also was able to wrap up a few projects that had been half finished.

First up... A Minnie mouse canvas for Emma. It matched the Mickey one I blogged about earlier. Again, she helped paint the stripes, but lost focus quickly. She loves to hang over my shoulder and talk to me about what I am doing way more than actually helping make it. I can't wait to use these some how for her birthday party (just a little over a month!).
 a close up of the adorable buttons... some are flowers and hearts.
(I didn't go through the buttons yet to pull out the hot glue strings)
 Emma adores them. She looks at them with big eyes and covers her mouth 
with her hands and says "Oh Mommy, you made Mickey and Minnie for ME"

Next up... Emma's birthday invitations. I whipped this up in almost no time at all. Used Photoshop for the design (my simplest card to date), went to the office and printed them on card-stock, made a couple of hole punches, and tied some ribbon.
 I'll have to take a better picture of them later, the coloring came out strange.

Last, but certainly not least. I finished Emma's bed frame! It has been taking up half the garage for some time now.
I found this bed on craigslist. Not sure how old it is, but it appears to be an
 antique, solid maple bed. It was quite a steal at 40 dollars. It was in fair condition. The finish was very weathered (she had kept it in a shed) it had a lot of chipping and scratches.
Sanding was by far the worst part.
Here the bed is as a sandy mess.
 Here it is after one coat of american walnut water based stain.
 Here it is after two coats.
 Not done yet... here it is after three coats.
 Here it is after 4 coats of stain and two coats of satin 
water based finish. I probably should've done more finish coats,
 however it was hot and I didn't want to.
 Here it is all moved into Emma's room. She loves it!
I need to find a little side table or stool to set next to her bed
 so she can put her water on it. Adam thinks I should hang
 her Mickey and Minnie canvases I made above her bed, 
but I am not so sure.

-10 lbs to go!
-Went to the dentist... it went. I have to go back several more times to have some work done. They said it could all be done in one visit, but with a nursing baby who doesn't take bottle that just doesn't work for me. My first appointment is tomorrow for what he thinks will be a root canal. :,( I had an old large filling fall out and he thinks when he goes in there to clean it out he might reach the nerve and would have to do one. I will be praying he wont have to.

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