Sunday, September 16, 2012

skirts and more skirts

So I went a little skirt crazy today. I whipped up four skirts... two for Emma and two as a gift for an adorable, little friend. I had the sewing machine out and still had the itch to sew something. I rummaged through my fabric baskets and pulled out some fabric. Then I searched through my box of trims and found some bias tape that coordinated. I love it when I don't have to make a trip to the store.

These are the two skirts for Emma's friend. The top skirt fabric might look very 
familiar to some people. I originally bought this fabric as table clothes for a friend's 
baby shower and it has been re-purposed into oh so many things. The second 
skirt is a 'Minnie' skirt, because she is a fan of Minnie Mouse.

 These are the two skirts I made for Emma. Emma calls the top one her 
Grey Minnie Skirt. The grey fabric was originally bought for her second
 birthday party (pirate themed). The bottom fabric was fabric I bought for a 
table cloth for her first birthday (wonderpets theme).

This is the outfit Emma wanted to wear today. 

The sewing machine is put away for at least a few days while I get stuff together for a baby shower. Next time the sewing machine comes out I am going to make myself a skirt!


  1. Once life finally settles down for me, I think you should teach me how to sew. :) I believe my MIL has an unused sewing machine or two.

    1. Haha I am not sure life ever settles down. Either way I would gladly teach you to sew. It is easy and fun.