Monday, October 1, 2012

A Day in the life of a Stay at Home Mom

A Day in the life of a Stay at Home Mom:

One of the blogs I follow (stalk) had challenged their readers to take pictures throughout their day and blog about it . I kept meaning to do this, but I always forgot about it until halfway through our day. I would say the following is a typical day for us.

Good morning:
As soon as we wake up (around 7:30) Lilian gets a diaper and Emma gets a dress or skirt on (modesty reasons since we are potty training and she has not perfected wearing underwear). Emma this morning wanted to watch Danial Tiger (new pbs spin off of mr. roger's). Emma usually gets her friends out of bed and Lilian jumps in the jumperoo while I make breakfast.

Breakfast Time:
Lately Emma and I eat breakfast on her little play table.
Lilian is usually either jumping or playing on the floor.

We had several errands to run (Micheal's, Target, and Hobby Lobby). It was raining, so taking pictures was not a priority. The pic is of us after we got home. If we have errands to run they pretty much have to be done between 9 and 11 or it wont happen. While we are out and about Lilian is almost always in her Ergo carrier and Emma is in the cart, however I was feeling extra daring today and Emma just walked next to me.

Play Time:
Pretty much anytime we aren't sleeping, eating, or out and about we are playing. Watching Lilian slowly move around the living room cracks us up. Yes, that is a potty seat. No, it isn't one she uses. She likes for her 'friends' (dolls) to use it.

Lunch Time:
I know you are disappointed, but I forgot to take a pic. Emma had scrambled eggs and fruit while I had a sandwich. Super fancy. Usually, after lunch and cleaning up, I set out whatever I will be making for dinner (I'm not cooking tonight though). I've discovered that usually the time between lunch and dinner is the perfect amount if time for meat to thaw (I am sure common knowledge to some)..

Chores (I hate that word):
I don't mind doing things around the house... I even would say I enjoy most of it. Today I had to unload the dishes (my least favorite chore ever). I also had two loads of laundry, one of those being Lilian's diapers. I always try to get them done so they can dry on the line and sun during the afternoon. **the sun will get out baby poop stains... just lay whatever is stained outside or in a window and watch it disappear**

Nap Time:
Emma sleeps from 12:30-2:30 usually. Lilian also naps during this time (she also napped from 9:30-10:30ish). Until Emma wakes up, I sleep/rest with Lilian.

Good Afternoon:
Emma just woke up and is eating her snack while watching doc mcstuffins. Sometimes after she wakes up she just needs a moment.

Lilian decided to sleep till 3. As soon as Lilian wakes, Emma loves to rush in and jump on the bed and then squish, kiss, and tell Lilian how cute she is.

Hello Mess:
I am sure someone out there doesn't think my house is ever messy, but here it is. I was avoiding walking into the playroom all day. It didn't stay messy (or at least quite as messy) for long.

More Playtime:
I am totally loving that the Lilian is able to sit and go to toys and play, because Emma loves having a playmate.

Nap time number 3:
Lilian takes her third nap at 4ish. Lately I bounce her to sleep 95% of the time. I was spoiled by Emma, who, when she was little, would nurse to sleep 99% of the time. This bouncing a twenty pound baby is quite the workout. During this time, Emma is either jumping on or off of something or reading a book with her friends.

Dinner Time:
Adam was playing in a charity golf tournament for work and didn't get home until post dinner... so it was just me and the girls. I think Emma had a hotdog, Lilian chewed on stuff, and I had a sandwich again. After dinner on Fridays you can almost always find us enjoying some frozen yogurt.

 Bedtime: Emma hops into bed around 7:30. Lilian takes her last nap at 7:30 and sometimes will wake up at ten just long enough for a diaper change and to eat.
Lilian says Goodnight!

*** not included in this is changing 8 diapers, taking emma to the potty numerous 
times, cleaning up a toilet paper mess, 1 time out, and 13,001 hugs and kisses.***
(This day happened to be two weeks ago... I am a little behind. )


  1. I ♥ it! What a fun glimpse into your day. Now I know what I have to look forward to. :)

  2. Loved reading this! I need to do one for myself. Maybe I will today....