Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Take me out to the Ball-Game

One of the best reasons to throw a party is to celebrate a new baby. This past weekend I was honored to get to help host a baby shower for a good friend. As soon as I found out they were going to have a little boy I knew it had to be a baseball themed party. Here are some of the things I made for the shower... I had so much fun getting to make these. (partial names and addresses have been blurred to protect the innocent) 

The invitation.

Instead of a traditional guest sign in the guest were asked 
to autograph a baseball. 

As part of the decor I made three prints and framed them.
If you can see in the pic the letter o and number 0 are baseballs 
and the letter t is in the Texas Rangers font.

I made these wishes for baby cards for the guests to fill out.
 It will be fun to look at them in years to come.

A game we played at the shower designed to match the other decor. 
The prize was cute too, but I forgot. It was a plastic popcorn 
container with a gift card for icecream, a babe ruth, peanuts, 
sunflower seeds,and twizzlers.

Concessions banner in texas rangers font to go over the food table.

 The favor had to be cracker jacks. The baseball tag was done in
 photoshop then I used my circle punch to cut them out.

The shower was fun, even though the weather decided to not cooperate. I was already excited, but now I am super excited to meet their little man!

Other Updates:
-8 lbs to go (needing new motivation to get there)
-just getting ready for emma's birthday party.

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  1. So adorable! I wish I could have been there. You did a great job!