Saturday, September 15, 2012

a Nightstand and a Skirt

Emma has a Nightstand
Thanks to Aunt Sarah and her habit of constantly checking out craigslist for deals, we found Emma a nightstand. This antique (not sure how old but looks ooooold) minty spindley cuteness was only fifteen dollars! Right size, right price, right look... couldn't resist!
I thought that the color might even be okay in her room... I was wrong. The green walls and the minty table together weren't pretty. A can of half price spray paint that matches her wall (you can't see in this pic) and her future bedspread solved the problem quickly.
before: minty
after: aqua

Emma's Birthday Outfit
This week I sewed Emma an outfit to wear at her birthday party. It is a month away, but it meant a lot to me to do it so I didn't want to wait to the last minute. Emma picked out the fabric at the store. I thought for sure she would pick out pink Minnie, but I was wrong. 

I ended up having to create my own pattern, because I knew what I wanted and couldn't find it. I use the term pattern loosely... I sketched an idea, measured Emma, cut fabric, and then sewed. I just sorta made it up as I went. The little flower buttons on her top were ones I saved from her Minnie canvas that I posted about previously. It is a more tailored type skirt with invisible zipper... I left just enough room that I hope it'll still fit in April when we go to Disney.

Emma looooooved her outfit and couldn't wait for me to take her picture. She kept posing with one arm up and the other on her stomach... I have know idea where she got that from, but it was adorable.

I look at her and can't even believe she is still 2. It seems like she long out grew being 2. Where did my little baby go?

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