Monday, July 23, 2012

Toddler Bumper/You are Special

I have been working on a few things recently. First up is a toddler bumper for a good friend of mine whose daughter is transitioning from crib to toddler bed. I came up with the idea to make one for my own daughter last year when she moved to a toddler bed. We realized after the first night that those tiny built-in bed rails don't keep a child from rolling out.

Most people who stumble upon my blog come thru google searches. I want to apologize for my lack of instructions/tutorials. This is pretty simple though: Use an existing crib bumper. Cut to size. Remove some ties. Fold in and iron down fabric on the cut in. Pin in piping and ties and sew closed. Add ties to the existing end because they are just singles. Sew a tie at the bed rail location to add stability. Tie onto your bed and enjoy!

Here is my friend's new toddler bumper (on my daughter's bed for fitting)

Next up is just a little thing I made for my mom to take to Africa (my parents are there right now). One of the things she does while she is there is teach at a women's conference. We had these printed out so that each woman would have two. One for herself and one to share with another woman in her village.

I hope they like it (looks brighter here than printed)

-19 lbs to go!
-Stupid spigot is fixed after 3 years of living here
-Front yard is clean, mulched, and adam pulled up our rotten pampas grass. 
-We have Emma in a twin bed. The mattress and box are just on the floor currently, 
-Made a dentist appointment. 
-We went to church and Emma actually loved it!

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