Friday, July 13, 2012

I am back

I am back to the blogging world. Why am I back? Mainly because I have a lot of spare sitting time in the evenings now and I don't like being unproductive. Right now I am rocking Lilian to sleep. Well she is asleep I just don't want to put her down. Also Adam, my husband, is studying for his third of four CPA exams. So, in the evenings, I try to stay out of the way so he can focus. We are hoping if all goes well he should be done by December. When he is done we are going to have one crazy party.

Before Lilian was born I had a list (spread sheet in excel) of all 50  things I wanted/needed to do around the house before she arrived. Of course I didn't get them all done, Remaining on my list are the following:

-Put door pulls on bathroom and laundry cabinetry
-Touch up finish on laundry room cabinetry
-Spruce up master bathroom
-Fix spigot on back of house
-Finish decorating master bedroom
-Find/make something to go in the dining room
-Do something in the back left flower bed
-Sew Emma a Twin quilt
-Fix dining room lights 

The list of things I want to do grows daily so I really need to start checking things off my list. I must finish my list so I can have time to make this dollhouse for the girls' Christmas present.

Sorry for the boring post. I just needed to write this down to get my rear in gear. This is kinda fun though... the father's day things we made!

I did a quick home-made screen print on these shirts for daddy and the girls

I also made him this cute hand picture thing
 (sorry the pic wont stay rotated correctly)

and emma made this for daddy

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