Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It has been a long time since my last post. It was hard enough for me to keep current photos on facebook and it felt a little repetitive for me to post them here. So... I decided I will use this to post about my hobbies although I can't promise that Emma won't occasional make an appearance.

This past summer I have learned how to sew. With help from my mother-in-law and her kindly letting me borrow her sewing machine, I have learned a lot. I JUST finished (this morning) working on several 'pillowcase' dresses that will be sent to Africa. I say 'pillowcase' dresses because I couldn't find any actually pillowcases I liked. I ended up going to IKEA and found a great deal on some remnant fabric.

The pink and orange dresses will be for babies and they others are size 4/6. I had so much fun making them. I hope some little girls really enjoy them!

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  1. These are so awesome, you are so wonderful to make them. I know the girls that get them will absolutely love them.