Monday, September 20, 2010

emma has shoes!

Emma has shoes! It was a lot harder for Adam and I to agree on a pair than I thought. I honestly didn't think he would have much of opinion on the matter. Oh, I was wrong. I should have known better, he LOVES clothes and shoe shopping. When it was all said and done we compromised. He got something pink/not boring and I got something that would be dressy enough for her dresses/casual enough for everyday.

I am glad we got them today, because today is the first day Emma hasn't crawled at all. My big girl. ::tear:: I am trying not to focus on the fact that she is getting so big so fast and instead focusing on all the fun things we can do now like going to the park. I also feel a trip to the zoo coming on... anyone want to go?

sweet feet

one of emma's favorite spots to play... in the dirt

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