Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick update

Oops... Forgot to post this Monday.

1) loose a pound.... I lost 4 lbs some how (not eating entire pans of brownies helped)
2) hopefully get my machine back and start quilt blocks.... 21 blocks finished!
3) stop thinking about working out and do something (no more excuses)... Every time I bounce the baby to sleep I do squats and I even did a few reverse crunches (it's a start)
4) get the new album I bought filled with pics.... The pics are all put in the album, but I still need to do some labeling. I also need to figure out what to do with the stuff (ticket stubs and maps and such).
5) make an eye appointment (I can tell my vision has really declined)... Yea I totally forgot to do this.
6) stop adding new projects to my list.... I started thinking about lilian's first birthday party, which led me to add probably half a dozen projects to my list.

1) loose a pound
2) finish the quilt top
3) work out/break a sweat
4) caulk, scrub, and overall super clean the girls' bathroom
5) make an eye appointment
6) not to add more projects to my list

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