Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New stuff and resolutions

First the new stuff.

1) Adam will be taking his last CPA exam in February. I am already anxious and excited for it. It is always hard on me when he studies, because I am with the baby literally all day. Bouncing the baby to sleep 3-4 times a day is giving me a serious workout. I also miss spending the evenings with Adam watching movies and chatting (or him listening to me chat).

2) lilian has started saying new things. She said "done" the other day when she wanted out of her high chair. Whenever she starts smashing her food or throwing it on the floor I would say "done" and take her out, Then she started repeating done after I would say done, now she says it on her own. I love it when they start talking... It makes life a little easier for her and me.

3) We are going with my family (15 of us) to Disney in April and I am constantly adding things on my 'want to do list'. Problem is I am adding things fast than I can finish them.
I want to sew a purse similar to this

I want to have something for the characters to sign (not autograph book)

I want to order Adam and myself at least one disney shirt (the girls already have several)

I want to get something for the baby to wear when the big girls all get to go to the bippity boppity boutique.

I think doing something like this to match Emma's  disney shirts would be fun. I am not a big fan of bows, but these are pretty darn cute.

4) My had two New Years resolutions. The first one is to not take on too many projects. The second was to complete everything on my 'things I want to do before I turn 30' list. So far the things I have done are
-I have gone to the dentist. I survived. I do get to go back because he wants to (for free :D ) see if he can whiten a front tooth of mine that died several years go. I am pretty pumped about that.
-I have finished cutting all the fabric and have them sorted into blocks waiting to be sewn. My sewing machine will hopefully be back from the shop on Wednesday. My goal is to sew a block a day ( not too ambitious, but about all I can do with two little ones around).
-My goal was to loose 60 lbs (baby weight plus some extra) I have lost 53 lbs so far 7 left. I WILL do it. I was on a roll till thanksgiving and Christmas came around.
-I have started putting our pics in albums. I actually had to buy a second one and extra picture sleeve things today.
-I have gotten everything organized and de-cluttered. We had one very successful garage sell.

1) loose a pound
2) hopefully get my machine back and start quilt blocks
3) stop thinking about working out and do something (no more excuses)
4) get the new album I bought filled with pics
5) make an eye appointment (I can tell my vision has really declined)
6) stop adding new projects to my list

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