Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 month and other updates

1) loose a pound (I did!)
2) finish the quilt top (done and I did the quilt back too)
3) work out/break a sweat (I did work out/ I broke a sweat cleaning house :/)
4) caulk, scrub, and overall super clean the girls' bathroom (caulked, scrubbed, touched up grout..)
5) make an eye appointment (made and went to my eye appt., In about a week I'll have to go pick up my trial contacts)
6) not to add more projects to my list (of course I added more projects)

Goals for this week:
1) loose a pound
2) finish the quilt!
3) work out
4) Install cabinets knobs in the guest bath and laundry room
5) Finish super cleaning the entry way
6) not to add more projects to my list

Lilian: 10 Months!

 it is really hard to get a good pic of her these days

Eat: Lilian nurses every morning, before every nap, and maybe twice after she goes to bed at night and anytime in between per her request. The only new food she had this month was a little chicken and some turkey.

Sleep: She is down to two naps a day. Those two naps vary on what time they are, but I am hoping she figure out a routine she likes soon.

Size: Right now she is wearing 12 and 18 month clothes.

Stats: She weighs in at 21 lbs now

Likes: Curious George, playing outside, books, dogs, trying to play in the toilet, getting into the cabinets, unrolling toilet paper, playing with her sister, assisted walking, and jumping on the bed (assisted)

Dislikes: anything involving sleep, diaper changes, and getting dressed

Firsts: getting to take a bath without her seat, getting down to two naps a day, she has taken a couple wobbly steps without help, she started eating a little meat, and she has become very vocal of her likes and dislikes (she will yell "done!" when she is over something).

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