Friday, March 18, 2011

Emma's Window Phase 2

I have Phase 2 of Emma's window project compete. Phase 2 was to build a valance to house a curtain rod. You might be thinking to yourself...Why not just hang a rod like any normal person would? That is a valid question 1.) I always make things way more complicated than they need to be (I blame genetics) 2.) When they designed the window in her room they didn't take into consideration that you need to have a third bracket in the wall to support the weight of the curtain(8 ft. long), but there is no where to mount this bracket (unless you put the curtains up to the ceiling). With big thanks to my dad and to my brother in law we got it done. Now to begin Phase 3: Sewing Curtains.

Detail View

I was using my dining table wrapped in paper to paint the valance on.
When I was finished Emma was more than excited to color on it.

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  1. I understand about some design challenges since I live in a house that has slanted walls, A-frame style! I've never been as creative as you and my projects never turn out as polished as yours. I love seeing what you've accomplished. Very nice.