Tuesday, May 5, 2009

welcome to my blog

welcome to my blog. I figure before I update everyone on my life now I will take you back a bit. This has been a very exciting year:

I had the amazing opportunity this past year to go to Africa. It had been a dream of my for years. My mother travels to Africa, typically Uganda, one or two times a year to help lead woman's conferences. During our trip to Uganda we held the last in a series of conferences that had span over the last few years. As you will see in the pictures there was a graduation held for the ladies who had completed the series of conferences.

Aunt Ellie and Uncle Adam with the Nieces and Nephew
This year, well a year and a few days ago, we welcomed our most recent addition to the family, little Macy Grace. My sister had baby Macy while my mom and I were at the airport on our way to Africa... we were so sad that we couldn't be there with Sarah.
(From left to right: Evelyn (my brother and sis-n-law's), me, Caleb (sister's), Macy (sister's), and Adam (mine).

Half Marathon
Believe it or not I somehow was able to run a half marathon... that is 13.1 miles people. I ran with support of my family, friends, and my TNT teammates. I really don't think I could have done it without everyone's encouragement. Running the 13.1 miles wasn't nearly as hard as having to wake up at 5am every Saturday to go running at the lake. I will post pictures when/if I find them.


  1. So glad you started a blog! :)

  2. Macy looks so tiny in Adam's arms and I'm not to sure what's going on with caleb but the rest of y'all look great. I'm so happy for y'all. Y'all are going to make wonderful parents. Love you!!!