Friday, May 29, 2009

help us name our baby

my name is...

HELP! We need help deciding on a baby name. We had asked our families for baby name suggestions and we finally have it narrowed down. To the right you will find a poll... please vote for you favorite name. In case it matters to you, below are the meanings to each of the names (according to

emma: origins-german; meaning-universal
ella: origins-english; meaning-beautiful fairy woman
henrietta: origins-german; meaning-ruler of home

jean: origina-hebrew; meaning-God is gracious
pearl: origins-latin; meaning-a gem of the sea

Get out and vote... or scoot your mouse over a few inches and click! I also want to say an extra BIG thank you to all the family that sent us name suggestions, it helped out a ton!


  1. Tried to vote but it wouldn't take it, don't know why :(

  2. Hi! It's me, your Aunt Kerrie.I'm glad you have a blog, I'll be checking it regularly. Good luck on the baby names-and you look really good in your "baby bump" picture. Tell Adam he looks good in his pictures too.

  3. I've been in Houston for 2 weeks working like a maniac on a case, so I never had time to think of and submit names. But Ella and Emma are actually 2 I would have suggested! Someone read my mind :)

  4. I'm all about Ella Jean!!!