Saturday, May 16, 2009

take me out to the ballgame

chillin' at the rangers game
This past hump day Adam and I went to see the Rangers vs. Seattle at the Ballpark. The only thing better than seeing Hamilton, Kinsler, or even Griffey.... is seeing them on Dollar Hot Dog Night.

griffey up to bat
Poor Adam was a bit torn, he was torn between rooting for his childhood idol (Griffey) or to root for his favorite team (the Rangers). He chose to wear his number 24 jersey, but to route for the Rangers to win.

hamilton up to bat
Yea, this is pretty much the coolest pic ever. So close you can see the tats.

ichiro up to bat
Everyone has to love Ichiro. A couple years ago I painted a big portrait of Ichiro and brought it to the game. He saw it and smiled at me and tossed us a ball. It was pretty awesome.

kinsler up to bat
Last but certainly not least... Kinsler. I think that Kinsler looks alot like Jim Halpert, from the office. I heart Jim.

cowboys stadium
I think you have to be standing in front of it to get the grand scale of it. Adam seemed less than impressed.

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  1. Man the stadium looks pretty empty y'all most have had a dollar hot dog too many!!! LOL The top of the stadium looks like part of a football. Guess the architects got confused on their sports. Touch down!!! By the way nice picture of the two of y'all.